Happy New Year!

I’m looking forward to 2011… not that 2010 was particularly bad (insert comment about the economy, etc.) but we just got a good group of players together at the end of the year and I’m looking forward to playing again (and more).

I’ve got a few projects lined up for myself to build off of the last game, not the least of which is to spec out the next evening’s worth of encounters and get a story arc down on paper… lots of ideas, but not much holding them together as of yet.

I’m also going to work on a DM screen – the upcoming Wizards screen looks high-quality, but I’ve never totally agreed with the reference tables that they choose to put on those things. I also find that my needs change as the game progresses, so I want something a little more custom. Again, I have some ideas… more on that later.

Santa was good to this gamer, so I got my copy of the Monster Vault and a copy of The Dungeon Alphabet (which looks like a fun read). I also stumbled upon a clearance sale at one of those “only open for the holidays” calendar stores in the mall and picked up the new Red Box for $10. I counldn’t pass it up… so I’ve got some cool bits to play with and plenty of reading ahead of me.

I hope you had a great holiday, and here’s to your game in 2011!

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